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Have you ever wondered where your food comes from? Well what if I told you there was a workforce that is hardly ever talked about? Welcome to the 2nd book in my series where we follow my Great Grand-father on his daily routine in the fields of California.  

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What they are saying about the book


Ilana Peña 


Creator/Executive Producer of Disney's "Diary of a future President"

"This book beautifully illustrates the resilience and hardships of Luz and his farmworker family. A heartfelt tale filled with vibrant illustrations, The Boy from Mexico Becomes a Farmworker gives young readers the opportunity to gain a compassionate insight into the plight of farmworkers across the United States. "

Pepe Serna


American me, Scarface, Man from Reno, Flamin' hot

"The Boy from Mexico becomes a Farmworker is a brilliant children's story that feeds our imagination. Rain or shine, hot or cold, dusk o dawn, these men and women keep us fed daily."


Francisco de la Torre Galindo

Consul General de Mexico en Dallas

Dallas, Texas

"Through vivid storytelling, Dennis’ crafts a narrative that underscores the invaluable contributions of the trabajadores mexicanos to American society. Luz, the protagonist, has an unwavering espíritu and is proud of his aguacates, which reminds readers of the resilience embedded within migrant workers."

National Museum of Mexican Art

Education Department

Chicago, Illinois

"A beautifully illustrated story that teaches us where our food comes from and the reality of the work it takes to reach our homes. We need stories like this more than ever."

United Farmworkers foundation

Chief Programs officer & DOJ Accredited Rep

Fatima Hernandez

“I thoroughly enjoyed the mixing of the languages in the book. The young readers will definitely be engaged in learning about Luz’ journey as a farm worker, as well as, learn the names of the fruit in Luz’ native language." 

United Farmworkers foundation

Chief Institutional Advancement officer

Ester B. Cadavid

"The Boy from Mexico Becomes a Farm Worker' is a colorful children’s book that introduces the plight and pride of farm workers. The genius of this book is the opportunity for parents to read this with their children and provide context to the lives of farm workers. It opens up a dialogue that can lead to compassion and understanding of those who feed America, and the world."

The UFW Eagle is used with permission of the United Farm Workers of America.

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