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About the Author/Illustrator

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Edward is a Mexican-American Author/Illustrator and frijoles y arroz connoisseur. At an early age Edward Andres Dennis always knew he wanted to be an artist. His fondest memories are of his mother reading books to him and watching Reading Rainbow. Day and night Edward was creating something, a doodle, some craft or writing a story in hopes of one day creating a book for children like himself to read. Edward created art through his teenage to adult life working for some of the most prestigious companies. His favorite times have been spent as a Special Education teacher in inner city Phoenix. Edward currently lives between Los Angeles, California and Phoenix, Arizona where he works as a freelance artist. His 2 life goals are to inspire children that look like him and that his children's books have an impact on youth and how they view the world.

Edward has worked with brands such as Toyota USA, Yakima racks, Disney, Giant/Liv Cycling, Sesame Street, Shimano, Epic Rides, Corel, Anheuser-Busch, Western Union and Giordana cycling. He has been in publications like Mountain flyer: the mountain bike journal, ImagineFX, Bicycling Magazine,Backcountry magazine, Outside business journal, Pure Nintendo and Nintendo force. He has also worked on several video games such as Super Ubie Island, Up Up Ubie and currently Super Ubie Island 2. 

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